Wee do Care is our way of giving back to society. A portion of Weedo’s business revenue is allocated to fund Wee do Care’s social responsibility initiatives. We welcome donations in cash or kind from like-minded people who share our beliefs and concerns to enable us to scale up our activities in this space. We are also open to suggestions on activities and causes we can take up in the area of animal and environmental care.

weedo care for animals

Wee Care for Animals


We currently run initiatives for the care of street dogs. From regularly feeding street dogs, nutritious food, to providing them with medical care when required, we care for them like our own pets. We also actively engage in finding good homes for them, especially puppies. Our Wee do Care volunteers are always a phone call away to tend to injured dogs.

During the hot, summer months, we place water bowls at various places for birds and animals. Our bird feeders are installed at various locations. Our primary motive is to bring about an improvement in the declining sparrow population.

weedo care for our environment

Wee Care for Water


Water is undoubtedly a precious resource needed for the survival of all beings on earth. With several places, including Pondicherry facing acute water shortage, it has become imperative to conserve existing supply of water, and actively take measures that could enhance supply by increasing rainfall.

Wee do Care has initiated and promotes a host of waste management techniques. These contribute towards reducing water pollution. Effective waste management also reduces the emission of greenhouse gases, which in turn reduces global warming, and thereby lowering evaporation rates.

Increasing the green cover also contributes to rainfall. Apart from distributing saplings, we also conduct drives to plant saplings at various places.


weedo care for beaches

Wee Care for Beaches


Pondicherry is synonymous with beaches. They are undoubtedly the biggest draw for tourists and even the locals. Clean beaches are not only important from the tourism perspective, but also important for the well-being of marine life and maintaining the aquatic ecological balance.

Wee do Care undertakes clearing up of trash from the beaches once a week. We also plan to launch awareness campaigns to encourage people to be mindful of keeping the beaches litter-free.

Watch out this space for upcoming activities and initiatives. Get in touch with us to contribute for our initiatives in cash, kind or your time.